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10 Benefits of Brushing Teeth with A Miswak Stick


The old adage is that having white teeth means they are both attractive and healthy. However, recent studies demonstrated how you can have a gleaming white smile and still have sensitive teeth, cavities, sore gums, or other dental problems.

Unfortunately, telling if your dental hygiene is good or bad isn’t always super obvious, because most of the times dental symptoms have a silver lining. So, the next time you visit your local store to buy toothpaste and a toothbrush, ask yourself if they’re really the best tools for your oral hygiene? If not, what alternative can offer superior benefits, all while being natural and low-cost? The answer is simple: Miswak sticks.

Coming from the Middle Eastern Salvadora persica (Arak) tree, Miswak and Swak toothbrush have been shown to be effective alternatives to achieving good oral health. Thanks to its unique properties, Miswak sticks can significantly reduce dental plaque and gingivitis, all while keeping helpful oral bacteria and killing harmful ones.

At this point, it may sound dismaying to replace your plastic toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth power, all with a pencil-sized stick.

Therefore, to help you decide, here are 10 reasons to brush your teeth with a Miswak stick.

  1. Effective in Fighting Tooth Decay and Cavities

Nowadays, sugar makes up a large proportion of our daily calorie intake. This is the result of relying on processed food for our meals, all leading to a higher prevalence of tooth decay. Reducing our sugar intake is one way of keeping our teeth healthy, but brushing with a Miswak stick can have comparable or superior oral hygiene effects.

Indeed, numerous studies discussing the effectiveness of brushing with Miswak sticks proved it stimulates the flow of saliva, which is of paramount importance in naturally fighting tooth decay. Furthermore, the use of Swak for oral hygiene protects the enamel from microbial action, due to its unique chemical composition and therapeutic properties.

  1. Gets Rid Bad Breath

One of the most common oral problems is Halitosis, namely bad breath. This can be the result of multiple reasons, such as not cleaning your mouth, smoking, keeping your mouth dry for a long time, gum disease, etc. In other words, bad oral hygiene and other medical conditions.

Brushing your teeth with a Miswak stick has numerous beneficial effects on oral health, including fighting bad breath. Indeed, due to its antibiotic properties, it’s probably your best bet regain a fresh and clean mouth. Brushing your tongue with Swak may help too.


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