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10 Benefits of Brushing Teeth with A Miswak Stick

  1. Formidable Antibacterial Properties

There are over 700 of different strains of bacteria in our mouths, both helpful (e.g. probiotics) and harmful (e.g. Streptococcus) ones. While beneficial bacterial strains support food digestion, harmful ones can erode the enamel and cause gum disease.

As mentioned before, brushing with Miswak sticks is more effective than brushing with a brush, especially because Miswak keeps harmful bacteria levels low through its unique properties. Thus, the World Health Organization encourages the use of Miswak for dental hygiene.

  1. Prevents Dental Plaque and Tatar Buildup

Speaking of the unique chemical composition of Swak sticks, these also include Tannins which reduce plaque and gingivitis. In fact, by making brushing with a Miswak stick your daily routine, you’re automatically preventing the plaque from forming tartar.


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