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10 Benefits of Brushing Teeth with A Miswak Stick

  1. Low-cost and readily available

Miswak sticks are a great mean to cut your oral hygiene expenses as it can be used by almost anyone, anywhere, free of charge, all while offering comparable or superior oral hygiene effect.

  1. Superior Effects Compared to Toothbrushes

You can find numerous articles on renown scientific journals discussing the efficacy of Miswak sticks and their superiority in terms of oral hygiene effects compared to traditional oral care products, namely toothbrushes, dentifrices, tooth powders, and gels.

For instance, this study reported that Swak is more effective than toothbrushes for reducing gingivitis.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Very few traditional oral hygiene products are biodegradable or recyclable. Conversely, due to being a natural resource, Swak sticks help reduce waste.


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