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10 Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes mellitus, a complex metabolic disease which increases blood glucose. It is characterized by frequent urination, blurry vision, tiredness, increased thirst and hunger, numbness, and more.

In 2017, this chronic disease affected more than 30 million Americans (1). Globally, the International Diabetes Federation estimates that the number of adults with diabetes will increase to 629 million by 2045 (2).

In front of these daunting numbers, it’s important to spread awareness about the early signs of diabetes and diagnose it early.

The good news is that primary prevention of diabetes is possible through behavior and dietary modifications. Early diagnosis is key to delay or even reverse the onset of some of the risk factors for this disease, and thus mitigate its burden.

Although your physician should be checking your blood glucose levels during your periodic screenings, there are some subtle symptoms of hyperglycemia that aren’t manifested immediately and may remain undiagnosed for several years.

Read on to recognize your body’s hints of type 2 diabetes in order to prevent further complications.

1. Family History of Diabetes

Relatives of individuals with diabetes are at risk for developing the disease themselves. This vulnerability is explained by both genetic and non-genetic risk factors.

A 2006 study of 4345 U.S. adults examined the relationships between family history and the increased risk for diabetes and found the paramount role of family history in the detection and prevention of diabetes.

Another study confirmed these findings and went on to report that about one of every three American adults who have a family history of diabetes has a high risk of developing the disease .


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