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11 foods to avoid when you’re trying to lose weight

Every time you want to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and drop a few pounds, you’re overwhelmed by this insistent urge of eating unhealthy meals and snacks and end up with a kitchen stacked with them; at other times, you’re dead serious about changing your eating habits, but you don’t make enough progress and end up letting go.

There’s evidently no shortage of online articles providing a mixed bag of recommendations on how to lose weight fast and improve your diet quality. There are even weight loss camps for adults now. Some claim that certain foods are good for you and others say the exact opposite, making you wonder if what you’re eating is genuinely weight loss friendly or just another marketed-as-healthy food that doesn’t deliver what it claims.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a professional nutritionist, you probably can’t decide what to include in your weight loss food plan for you and what to avoid. Thus, this article provides you with 12 worst foods for weight loss.

Make sure to remove the 10th one from your grocery list!

11. Crispy Chips and French Fries

Generally, chips and anything fried are extremely caloric and can turn your trim waistline to a belly. Indeed, most studies on the subject found that abdominal obesity is associated with the consumption of French fries.

Hence, if you’re trying to lose weight, swap your dear chips and French fries for Salmon and other Omega 3 rich foods.


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