19 Unexpected Ways You Can Improve Your Home With WD-40

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3. Makes your silver shine once again

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Do you own one or several pieces of silver? With time, different pieces of silver can lose their luxurious looks. Rust is the main culprit. But fear not if you have WD-40 with you. All you have to do is spray a little bit of WD-40 on your silver and clean it with a dry soft cloth. That way, you will be doing two things. First, you will be removing stains and other nasty things on your silver. Second, WD-40 will act as a rust prevention agent for any future inconveniences. After the WD-40 treatment, your silver will look brand new!

4. Cleans your toilet

Every time you go to the supermarket, you find a new toilet cleaning product. And you are constantly buying different products to see which one works best. But you don’t need any of that if you have WD-40. Thanks to the WD-40 cleaning properties, all you have to do is spray it over your toilet stains and let it work its magic. After you scrub and rinse, you will have your toilet looking as white as it can be.

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