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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

For quite some time, you have savored a never-ending streak of good hair days, people turning 40 signals the end of their lustrous locks and the beginning of a sudden limp, lifeless hair that refuses to stay in place. Regardless if it’s the unexpected onset of gray hairs or a change in texture, the days when you could wash and go are a thing of the past.

For some people, their hair dries out and get lifeless when they get older. Your loses its elasticity just how your skin loses its elasticity when you age. Your hair also tends to get a bit grayish, and the body of your loses unlike when you’re on your 20s. “

However, you don’t need to panic yet. Even if your hair changed, it doesn’t mean that you’re, doomed, to an endless cortege of bad hair days. Just follow these simple tips to get your best hair no matter what your age is – whether you are 40, 50, or even 60 – you’ll always look like you just came out from a salon, seven days a week.

1. End the daily wash

While you were young, you might be able to wash your hair daily, but as you age, washing is not applicable to do every day. Your scalp and hair tend to get thinner and drier. Regular shampoo can make your mane look dull and lifeless. You must shampoo your hair at least twice a week, the most.

2. Always stay moisturized

If you think to skip the conditioner will keep your hair from looking oily, think again. As we age, our hair deals with grays and tends to get coarser and needs more TLC in the shower. It is a must for older people to condition their hair every time they shampoo it.

3. Don’t assume you have to go short.

People assume that if they reached a certain age, the need to chop off their hair. But this saying is very outdated. Long hair can work well on most people older than anyone, and some can even sport short hair. If you treat your hair well, you don’t need to worry about looking old.

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