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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

35. Provide a great dry shampoo.

Do you want to increase time you can go between shampoos? Invest for a dry shampoo. But make sure to avoid the ones free of alcohol and sulfates because they can make your hair dry, limply, and lifeless.

36. Make the right cut for your face.

You should consider your face shape when trying out new haircut or hairstyle. Your face on your 20s is far more different than your face when you turn 50. The style you have where you looked awesome in your 20s may not be as face-flattering when you turn 50. If you’re over 40, reevaluate your haircut every few years to see the changes in your face. It may be a fat loss or a loss of elasticity in your skin that could be unnecessarily highlighted by your old cut.

37. Work your way up, a condition from your roots.

If you want to have a shiny yet will look not greasy, then it’s time to start conditioning your hair correctly. How? By working from the tips of your hair until the top of your head. Do not put conditioner on your scalp as it can let your hair gets oily faster and will look greasy and lifeless.

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