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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

38. Get a trim every six weeks.

Since hair tends to get more fragile as we age, split ends are unavoidable when we turn 40 or over. If you think about it, people over 40 have more financial freedom than the younger ones. So, it’s ideal to schedule a trim every six weeks to eliminate those pesky split ends and repair your hair from breakage.

39. Men don’t expect dye is off-limits.

If you are one of the numerous men whose beards and hair doesn’t turn gray at the same rate, be fearless to try out some dye. Dyeing your hair or beard will make you look more attractive and younger.

40. Be wild.

Having fun has no age limit especially when it comes to our hair. Rather than sticking to your usual style, why not try to be more daring and bolder. Be adventurous when it comes to dying or cutting your hair. After all, you only have this one head of yours, why not make the most out of it.


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