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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

4. Accept your natural texture.

There’s no better time to start accepting your hair’s natural texture. As much as possible, do not try to do something that will hurt your hair when you turn 40. If your hair becomes dry, it becomes more prone to breakage. Which means, the less time you spend straightening your hair or setting up your curls, the healthier it will be.

5. Get bangs.

As you age, unwanted lines and wrinkles sure to be noticeable especially in the face are. And you know what? Botox is not the only answer to hide or eliminate those unwanted facial aging, it’s bangs. Bangs will not only hide some of your forehead wrinkles, but if you got the right bangs, it can also flatter your face and highlight your bone structure.

6. Embrace your grays.

If you have gray hair, don’t be ashamed of it. Didn’t you know that gray is one of the trendiest colors these days? Many people are willing to invest hundreds or thousands to get the same look so if you happen to be one of the luckiest to have gray hair, embrace it and explore what more you can do to it.

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