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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

10. Attend to that flaky scalp.

Most of us thought that aging means dealing with unexpected and unwanted hair issue such as dandruff. Many people believed that the dandruff shampoo they used when they were younger could fix this problem until they get older. If you felt like your shoulders were stiff after you brush, then it’s time to go to your dermatologist and get a prescription that will put an end to those flakes for good.

11. Try out a new part.

If you think like you looked the same in your entire life, then try to shake things up. You are not obliged to get a new haircut; instead, you can part your hair to the other side. Whether you choose for deep side part or suddenly part it down in the middle, it will completely change the look of your hair. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is not ready to take a significant chop of their lives.

12. Add a clarifying shampoo to your routine.

If you are affected with hair-dulling product buildup, then a clarifying shampoo will help you refresh your hair in an instant. But make sure you will not use it more than once a week because it tends to be more drying that its regular-use counterparts and will strip your hair if you don’t use them wisely.

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