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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

16. Heat style carefully.

If you can’t terminate your daily heat styling routine, make sure that you are using an appropriate product to protect your hair from damage due to the heat of the styling iron. Certainly not dry your hair without anything that will protect it from the heat. Your hair will likely last longer if you put something to protect it from heat.

17. Use hair dyes specially formulated for your hair type.

It may seem like all dyes are created equal, but they are not. Different formulas can work better with others. It will always depend on your hair’s texture and natural color. If you have dry hair, opt for an ammonia-free formula infused with vitamin E or other emollients to keep dye-related breakage to a minimum.

18. Try balayage.

Do you want to change your look, but you feel like those highlights you used no longer suits you? Choose balayage instead. This method creates a subtle gradation of color in your hair. It is flattering to any hair textures and skin tones which feels like less of a commitment than a drastic dye job.

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