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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

19. Master some protective styles.

If you have a rough or kinky hair that keeps on drying as you age, then master some protective styles to keep your hair from harm. Regardless if you are doing braids, twists, or dreadlocks, the right protective style can keep your hair from shattering.

20. Get a grown-up bob.

There’s a wide variety of bob styles that you can choose from, but a long bob or “lob” can help you remain this chic cut face-flattering without spending much time to your daily routine.

21. Skip the sticky hairspray.

Sticky firm-hold hairspray may help you set your look, but it can also make your dry hair worse. Almost all hairsprays have a high alcohol content, which can cause dry out to your hair. So, opt for alcohol-free hairsprays as much as possible.

22. Trim your hair when growing out a short cut.

While regular trims won’t have any effect on how rapidly your hair grows, they can make your hair look longer. When you discard that split ends, then that ends the plague heat-styled short cuts, your hair will stay flattered, which makes it seem longer. Even if you take off the occasional half-inch, or better yet, avoid having to take off a massive amount of split ends can seriously set you back when you’re trying to grow out those pixies.

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