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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

23. Pump up the volume.

Add some volume to your hair if you want to shed off a few years from your face. To give your hair a youthful lift while keeping your hair healthy, use a root volumizer. But do not use a volumizing shampoo because it is not good for the hair. The alkaline level in it is very high you’re drying out your locks at the same time.

24. Make sure you’re using the exact amount of product.

Most people only need about a two-quarter-sized lump of shampoo or conditioner. You can also add serums and oils but just in small doses. If you are using styling creams, serums, pomades, and waxes do not use more than the surface of a dime or a quarter, depending on the length of your hair. And for mousse, use just enough to cover a silver dollar

25. Stop rubbing your hair to dry it.

You should stop rubbing your hair to dry it because it will remove excess moisture in your hair and will increase the risk of frizz, breakage, and fly-away. Therefore, people with older hair should be cautious in taking off excess wet from their hair. Squeeze excess wetness from your hair if you want to dry it up, blot it with an old shirt instead of a towel. 

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