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40 Tips to Have Gorgeous Hair After 40

26. Aim for a soft updo.

If you have a little time but doesn’t want your hair to look miserable, settle for a messy bun. This casual look is so stylish you can wear it even on a night out. It does not require any special effect, heat styling and the like. It is the easiest every day look you can have.

27. Fund in a silk pillowcase.

It is also important to check where you sleep or where you lay your hair at night. If you want to have a good hair day, you must provide a silk pillowcase because it can reduce frizz and breakage while keeping your hair looking soft, lustrous and damage-free, not matted.

28. Air dry your hair whenever is possible.

We became so reliant on different heat styling products that we have not seen our natural hair textures in years. To keep our hair healthy, make sure to spend time air drying your hair. Once you’ve managed to look at your hair in its natural state, you’ll be able to know what your hair needs, which is very important to people over 40 as hormonal fluctuations can cause significance in hair texture changes.

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