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5 Reasons Your Eyelashes Aren’t As Long As You Want


3. You Use An Eyelash Curler

Again, you may think nothing of using an eyelash curler to achieve fuller lashes – in fact, you may think it is a rather natural choice. However, it is possible to break lashes in half which is counterproductive for sure. Knowing how to properly use a curling tool is essential to avoid damage. To avoid breaking your eyelashes, don’t crimp aggressively. Instead, crimp the lashes and lightly pulse the curler with very light pressure about 10 seconds before applying mascara.


4. You Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a popular choice simply because it withstands sweat and tears. However, the chemicals that make it do its job so well, like dimethicone, copolyol, and silicone, are also irritants that can cause a nasty reaction. Since our eyelashes are designed to keep irritants out – they reject the chemicals in the mascara and can cause your eyes to itch and water. Rubbing your eyes can damage your lashes.Continue Article Next Page


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