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5 Reasons Your Eyelashes Aren’t As Long As You Want

5. You Have Eyelash Extensions

While eyelash extensions are all still the rage in Hollywood, they are actually downright dangerous. If you have opted for eyelash extensions you could be causing quite a bit of harm to the health of your lashes. Extensions are applied using powerful adhesives that often contain formaldehyde. If extensions are applied incorrectly, they can pull out your real lashes when they fall off. Besides finding a reputable salon to apply extensions, you might want to consider some other options ( see below) for naturally long and healthy lashes.

15 Natural Ways To Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

Here are some of the best ways to promote beautiful and healthy lashes naturally.

1. Be Gentle

As mentioned above, you can be hard on your eyelashes without even knowing. To help promote beautiful lashes, become more aware of how you might be harming them and adopt a softer touch. Be gentle with the area around your eye – the skin is very delicate here and it is very easy to break off eyelashes.  Avoid rubbing or scrubbing around your eyes – patting around the eyes is a much safer way to ensure your eyelashes stay intact.

2. Take off Makeup Naturally

It is very important to remove all makeup at night so that your eyes can breather. If you go to sleep with makeup it can irritate your skin and even cause an eye infection. Leaving mascara on at night will dry out your eyelashes and cause them to break. In addition, if you have dried mascara on your lashes it will attract dirt and bacteria. Use coconut oil or organic makeup remover clothes (you can even make your own natural makeup remover pads) to take all of your makeup off each night. Healthy eyelashes will grow much quicker than unhealthy eyelashes.

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