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5 Reasons Your Eyelashes Aren’t As Long As You Want

3. Comb Your Lashes

It is just as important to brush your eyelashes as it is to brush your hair. Get into the routine of using an eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes. Just doing this, without doing anything else, can make your lashes seem longer.  Comb your eyelashes before you apply mascara to separate them and after to get out any clumps.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

As mentioned above, nutritional deficiencies can lead to unhealthy hair and eyelashes. Skip the junk and opt instead for a diet loaded with healthy whole foods. Reducing or eliminating refined sugar, gluten and fast and packaged foods will help eliminate whole body inflammation, promote clear and healthy skin. Also, be sure to stay hydrated – drink plenty of water daily, at least half your weight in ounces.

5. Use Oils

There are a number of highly nourishing oils that will not only help protect your lashes but will also promote growth. I apply oil to my lashes using a cotton swab or a makeup-free mascara brush.  Here are some of my favorite lash lengthening oil blends:

  • Castor and Olive Oil

I make a mixture of one teaspoon each of castor and olive oil and apply before bedtime. My lashes look great!

  • Aloe vera eye mask

Combine one teaspoon each of burdock oil, castor oil, and organic aloe vera gel. Add two drops of vitamin E and vitamin A. Use this mixture once a week to really nourish and baby your lashes.

  • Coconut oil

I love coconut oil, it is loaded with so many therapeutic properties. It not only protects your lashes but also keeps bacteria at bay and encourages thick luxurious growth. Simply fill a roller bottle with organic fractionated coconut oil and apply to your eyelashes at bedtime after having removed your makeup. It it is too oily, use a clean cloth to blot away any excess. I do this treatment 3 times a week for extra lubrication and nourishment.

Note: Be very careful not to get any of these oils in your eyes – they could cause irritation. Wipe away any excess oil with a clean cotton ball.

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