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7 Foods Draining Your Energy

Healthy eating habits are the quintessence of our well-being. Indeed, while certain foods tend
to increase our energy levels, others drain them and thus should be avoided or consumed in

Foods that cause low energy level
If you feel lethargic with low energy levels, then the below-mentioned food groups are likely
to be blamed. It’s best for you to limit them and replace them with healthier food options.

1. Breakfast Cereals


While many think of cereals as being paramount of a well-balanced breakfast, recent
studies showed that, based on their notational values, only certain types are good for you. In
fact, cereals belong to the bad high-carb foods category which negatively affects your health.
Research suggests that cereals and other carb-rich foods can raise your blood sugar quickly,
leading to a temporary raise in your energy levels due to the production of the pancreas. After a
while, this will cause disorders associated with a disturbance of brain structures and receptors
responsible for alertness.
Therefore, you should only consume “healthy cereals”, with moderate-carb intakes.

2. Energy drinks


It’s unanimous that energy drinks are one of the most popular ways people use to boost their
energy levels all day long, although they’re loaded with unhealthy stimulants.
Energy drinks are short-term solutions only as they load the body with caffeine and glucose,
making you feel energetic temporarily. However, in the long term, your blood sugar levels
will drop significantly and you may experience enamel loss and numerous signs of

3. White Bread


On your previous visits to any bakery store, you may have noticed there is a variety of bread
types, among which many are prepared with white flour. Nonetheless, it’s best to consume
white bread in moderation or ideally to replace it with bread made with whole grain flour.

Indeed, white flour carbs contribute to raising blood levels, resulting in low blood sugar
levels as explained earlier.
On the other hand, whole grain bread takes more time to be absorbed, assuring the stability of
blood sugar levels throughout the day, thus stabilizing your energy levels.

4. Fried foods


Fried foods and those that contain saturated fat require significant time and energy to be
digested, pooling blood and energy towards your digestive system. This puts your body under
stress which causes the heart to pump faster, ergo drains your energy for up to 8 hours.
The latter applies to other foods that are hard to digest, such as unhealthy high-fat foods that
consume energy rather than providing it.

5. Caffeine drinks


Moderate consumption of drinks with moderate to high caffeine levels is beneficial to your
health in general, and to boosting your energy in particular, so stick to no more than one cup.
However, if you become dependent on caffeine for energy, especially when you feel like
sleeping will harm your body as it negatively affects your sleep hygiene, thus lowers your
energy levels.

6. Low-calories foods


In order to lose weight, people tend to drastically cut down their daily caloric intake.
However, this will automatically cause your brain to start sending hunger signals, leading to
slow metabolism and lower energy levels.
It’s recommended to eat an adequate amount of food on a regular basis and to not drop any
basic meals or to postpone them.

7. Low-iron foods

Iron helps turn calories into energy, so when you have an iron deficiency in iron, your body’s
energy levels naturally drop and you start feeling more and more tired and lethargic.
Thus, most studies recommend that your diet contains foods with sufficient and well-
balanced amounts of iron, such as leafy veggies, meat, liver, seafood, dried fruits or dark