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8 Extremely Effective Beauty Tips for A Healthier Hair



As a woman, the thing I hate most is for my hair to look greasy, I hate it so much that I overlook its health. What matters the most is for it to not look greasy not to be healthy!

But I know, that every time I see a hair commercial all I can think is if only my hair was like that! So deep inside I know I care about its health, I just don’t have the time for it.

And I believe that’s the case for every girl & woman out there!

I mean every time I see a beautiful healthy hair I feel mesmerized and can’t take my eyes off of it, whether it’s beautiful curls or just soft silky hair, that shine in it just leaves me in awe.

So, what if I tell you that today, I’ve brought you tips to actually make your hair look healthy and give it that shine that leaves us in awe?

I know you’ll be interested, so without any further due ! here are my tips to boost your hair’s health!

1. Brushing your hair

I know that we’re very busy, whether you’re a student, an employee, or an employer, life is very busy that we don’t even have the time to brush our hair!

But we need to, brushing hair stimulates the blood circulation which helps your hair grow quicker and be healthier, what’s more, to ask?

Getting that blood pumping in your scalp will help your hair become stronger, thicker and taller, so make sure to brush your hair two times per day if you can.

Even if you can’t just make time for it.

2. Rinsing with cold water

When in the shower, it’s very tempting to shower with hot water, but it’s not good nor for your skin nor for your hair!

Showering with hot water weakens the scalp and makes it dry, so it probably increases dandruff more! So next time you shower make sure to use cold water.

Rinsing with cold water helps your scalp getting healthier since it closes hair cuticles, which in turns strengthens the scalp that makes your hair looks healthier and brighter.

So now you know what to do when in shower use moderate cold water for your hair and watch out for the results.

3. Conditioner on

Rinsing your hair and then leaving it to dry without using conditioner is a big no-no! Shampoo actually takes extra oil from your scalp and hair and sometimes even the oil that’s supposed to stay sealed to your hair which leaves it high and dry.

Conditioner helps in sealing moisture to your hair so as to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Start using a conditioner right away next time you shower, start conditioning away from your scalp for about 2 inches, and it’ll do the trick for your hair.

It should dry out nicely and be well preserved and protected.

If you don’t moisturize it after every wash with conditioner, then don’t ask yourself why your hair is so frizzy, you know the answer, but you’re just too lazy to do it!

4. Same conditioner and shampoo family

For a better result and a less frizzy hair, it’s better to use a conditioner that is from the same line as your shampoo.

Since they have basically the same formula that means they’ll work better together than separated, they’re made for a type of hair and they’ll serve their purpose very well if used together.

So make sure to always use the same line of shampoo and conditioner next time.

5. Brush gently your wet hair

Don’t be a monster to your hair! I know it’s hard, but you’ll have to brush your hair gently from down to up even if it’s full of knots.

And especially when it’s wet, wet hair is more sensitive and fragile, brushing vigorously will break it and damage it.

So every time you brush your hair when it’s wet, make sure you brush hit very gently or else it will sustain real damage.

6. Exposure to heat is a no-no.

If you’re struggling with dry scalp and frizzy hair, here’s another reason why you’re exposing your hair to some extra heat!

Extra heat coming from iron curl, straighteners, dryer weakens the hair, causes breakage, makes it frizzy and damages it.

It can burn hair and causes more split ends, so if you can use it less, it’ll give your hair some rest and make it stronger over time.

But if you still need to use it at least use some hair protectant before so as to protect it from the heat and the damage that comes with it.

And make sure to use some hair masks to remedy this damage!

7. Protecting your hair

Not only does the heat coming from iron curlers or hair dryers but also sun rays, UV rays can damage your hair as much as hair dryers.

But also the extra wind and hair, all these external factors can cause hair damage if you’re exposed to them too much, because they can remove extra oil, causes your hair and scalp to dry out, make your hair frizzy, and god knows what.

So make sure to protect your hair every time it’s windy, too much sunny, or if it’s raining, and your hair will stay as healthy as it can be.

8. Those split-ends!

Split ends are a nightmare, and especially if you keep them. So make sure you cut your hair’s ends regularly.

Hair’s ends are usually the driest part of your hair and they’re the one that suffers that much from breakage, so if you’re trying to make your hair look healthy to make sure you cut it regularly for it to look all soft and bright.

Plus, cutting your hair regularly promote good health and growth of your hair so it’ll help it grow easier and in a healthy way.

And that is the end of our article for today if you have more tips on how to make your hair healthy or how to sustain your hair’s health then share them with us.