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Benefits of a Cold Water Bath


Benefits of a Cold Water Bath
Here were the benefits of cold water bathing. You are not going to get them, with a lukewarm water bath or a hot water bath. But like I said, no way were we going to be bathing in cold water, every day, in the winter in a mountain area, and that is why grandma had to compromise with lukewarm water, half hot and half cold.

The moment you get out of a hot water bath, you are going to start shivering, because your skin has been exposed to the cold air. The skin in the upper epidermis has shrunk, because the body is trying to keep the body temperature normal. And that is why the circulation of that skin is reduced.

Regular hot water baths are going to dehydrate your skin. That is because all the oil has been removed through the application of the hot water on your epidermis. You may also feel excessively thirsty, after you have come out of a hot water bath.

This can show you how the body has got dehydrated, due to the application of something really unnatural and unbearably hot, on the skin’s surface. You can consider this to be trauma, though we do not consider it so , especially when your body is half frozen, coming into a warm house from outside, where there is a healthy snowstorm blowing. And then getting into a hot water bath and thawing out. What fun.

But definitely not good for your body in the long run. Because you have went from extremes of temperature – cold to hot, without allowing your body to acclimatize or accustom itself to the temperature change which has occurred suddenly.

Get ready for possible fever, coughs and colds, and possibly an infection, because this is a time when your resistance is going to be at its lowest ebb.

Also, all the blood cells, which are under the surface of the skin are going to get weakened. However, if you bathed with cold water instead, these blood cells would get stronger because of the added power of a reinforced circulatory system.