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Breakfast Foods You Need To Avoid

Many healthcare professionals consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. It is critical you focus on making healthy choices for your breakfast to start your day full of energy. Here’s a range of unhealthy foods that you better avoid for breakfast:

Foods not to Eat for Breakfast :


Cakes, pastries, donuts and many other high-carbohydrate foods represent unhealthy start to a lethargic and low-energy morning. Many of us may make mistakes and choose these unhealthy foods, which are recommended to be avoided not only because they lack nutrients, but also because of their high-carbohydrate content.

Breakfast is the first step you take into your day. So, let us guide you to a range of foods that you may think are healthy, but in fact they are best to be avoided.

High-Carbohydrate Cereals


And by that we refer to most of the cereals in the market, which are full of sweeteners, dyes, additives and sugars. Do not make any of them your choice. Eating high-sugar, low-fiber, low- protein breakfast cereals will temporarily raise your blood sugar and energy levels, which will soon be followed by low blood sugar and energy levels accompanied with a feeling of hunger. Therefore, when selecting breakfast cereals, you should pick a meal that contains no less than 5 grams of fibers, and no more than 10 grams of sugar.


It is correct that bananas are full of energy; however, this does not make it a good choice for your breakfast. Bananas are rich in fructose (fruit sugar), but rich in magnesium and potassium as well, and these two minerals relax nerves and muscles, and therefore you are recommended to avoid bananas in the early morning if you have a day full of tasks that require energy.

Buttered Toast “French Toast”


Everyone loves buttered toast and sweetened pancakes for breakfast. They are really delicious, and many countries, especially European ones, eat them as a traditional meal. However, this does not mean buttered toast is a healthy choice for breakfast!

Butter is a source of hydrogenated fats that are seriously harmful to your cardiovascular system, and contribute to raising the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, and therefore are recommended to be avoided in toast or sweetened pancakes for breakfast. A healthier choice we recommend is full-grain toast, with replacing butter and corn syrup with honey or jam. Other healthier alternatives include peanut butter or some chickpeas.



Unfortunately, many start their day with a cup of coffee, even before having a breakfast. This is probably a bad habit that should be avoided as possible!

Despite the numerous benefits of coffee, drinking it on an empty stomach can irritate your stomach because of its caffeine content, and can also increase the risk for stomach ulceration.

Caffeine is also associated with digestive disorders. Drinking coffee can temporarily suppress your appetite, and will eventually make you unable to follow a healthy, balanced breakfast.

There are different options for your breakfast, so make sure you choose the healthiest ones and replace the above-mentioned unhealthy choices with the best alternatives. Remember, a healthy breakfast is your key to a day full of energy and success!