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Here Is What Happens If You Eat Honey And Cinnamon Daily


Cinnamon and Honey are one of the most delicious and healthiest food combos out there. Ever since ancient times, their mixture has been used not only as a beverage flavoring but, most importantly, as a medicine due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Naturally, you may wonder if what’s seemingly a simple combination of sugar, water, and spice is beneficial to your well-being.

Therefore, to help you decide, here is an evidence-based article explaining what happens if you eat honey and cinnamon on a daily basis.

Honey :

Honey is more than just a commercial product you get from your local store’s shelves. It’s the result of a splendid process which grants it its antibacterial and healing properties.

First, worker bees collect flower nectar, which gets stored and broken down in their extra stomachs while being brought back to the hive. When the honeybee returns, it regurgitates the said nectar to another bee. This regurgitation is repeated until the digested nectar is finally placed in the honeycomb. As soon as the bees get rid of the extra water on the sticky liquid using their wings, they seal the comb to preserve it. Finally, honey is harvested by beekeepers.

As mentioned before, honey isn’t just sugar and water, so what else makes it so special?


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