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How to look Beautiful without makeup

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Using makeup and doing your hair in a way that doesn’t hide your real beauty is always challenging.
You spend most of your nights thinking about what you are going to wear the day after, wake up in the morning and still don’t’ know how to dress.
All these efforts are put every day to make sure you look your best, not for anyone, but for yourself!
It is true that we women spend tons of hours in front of mirrors, outside, inside of our houses. And makeup has always been our best friend, whether it’s for hiding insecurities, or just for that extra beauty.
It’s like a form of art where you can express yourself freely without limits, and be anyone you’d like to be! Just like a brush was for Picasso!
It enhances beauty, and gives you confidence beyond measure! But what if you could still be that confident even without wearing it?

What if you just look THAT pretty without wearing makeup?
Wouldn’t it be great?

Even though makeup is a great way to enhance beauty, natural always takes the lead and takes the first place! Being natural just gives you a charm that no makeup can.
Which is why the No make up makeup was and is still trendy nowadays, girls spend a lot of hours wearing makeup only to try to look natural.
So why wear it if you can achieve that no-makeup makeup looks without it?

That’s what this article for today is about!
You’ll be able to look pretty, in no time, thanks to these tips and ditch your makeup routine for a natural wild look!

1. A face skin routine

There’s no doubt that for a face to look pretty, it needs to be clean, isn’t that right?
For a face to be clean, it needs to be taken care of, and washed every day!
So start by washing your face daily, the first step is to actually find out what skin type you have, is it oily, dry, in between, sensitive, etc. Knowing what kind of skin you have will help you know what kind of facial wash and skin routine you need to keep your face clean.
Does it need to be washed to get rid of oil? Or skin particles caused by dryness?


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