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How to look Beautiful without makeup

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So are the questions that need to be answered.
It needs to be washed once in the morning, before you go out, and once at night after you come home.
Washing helps you get rid of bacteria and extra dry skin that stands in the way of giving you shiny glowing skin.
After cleaning comes moisturizing, as moisturizing helps in extra cleaning the skin and in trapping all vitamins and moisture that the skin needs for a healthy glow.
Once you figure out the facial products you need, you’ll find out the moisturizer that is best suitable for it, if you can’t afford a moisturizer you can just make one at home as they’re easy to create.

Moisturizer should be applied every day after washing your skin for the best results, the gentler it is, the better.
One single drop is enough to apply to your face as your face should only get what it needs of moisture according to your skin type.
Too little can be damaging, but also a lot.
So do a little research before you start applying.
And now comes toning; this is the last step of cleaning your face routine, and it is by far the most important, and the one that most people let go of!
Toner does wonder to your face, it helps in balancing your pH and thus help your skin looks great even without foundation.
It helps strengthen the skin, works as an external barrier that prevents sun rays from penetrating it, and finally gives it a natural gleam that is hard to beat by the foundation.
The more toner is appropriate for your skin type, the more it can do wonder for it!
It can help remove extra oil and tighten pores for oily skins, or trap moisture for dry skins, or reduce irritation for sensitive skins, which is why knowing your skin type is so important.
Make sure to use a toner at least once per day for better results.


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