Get Rid of Mosquitoes, Flies, And Cockroaches by Spraying This in Your Home


5. Pinion Wood

One of the best organic techniques to get rid of mosquitoes is to burn authentic pinion wood in a fire pit or fireplace outside your house. Once you do so, the smell produced kills any mosquito within the area

6. Peppermint

It goes without saying that peppermint contains a minty smell. Therefore, it can be simply sprayed into the infected environment to prevent further mosquito invasions.

7. Rosemary

One technique people use is to burn a few stalks of rosemary. This produces a smell that sends away mosquitoes.

8. Catnip and Feverfew

Catnip and feverfew are both organic mosquito repellant plants that do wonders. You can plant them in your yard to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing.