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6 Best Foods For Natural Kidney Cleansing

The kidney is a self-regulatory organ that plays a key role in the human body. Indeed, it’s responsible for waste excretion, reabsorption of nutrients, regulate osmolality which is the balance of fluids in the body, regulate blood pressure, urine production and a wide range of other paramount functions.
In spite of its regulatory properties, the kidney remains at risk for damage caused by a certain number of complications such as acute renal failure, ischemia, kidney injury or chronic kidney disease (CKD).
The prevalence of CKD in the U.S is nigh on 14% and gradually increasing. Aging, high blood pressure and growing numbers of patients with diabetes and hypertension are the main risk factors of CKD. However, lupus, genetic disorders, Goodpasture syndrome, Alport syndrome, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, malnutrition and smoking can also increase the risk.
According to a 2008 study on the complications of CKD, the nutritional requirements of affected patients are altered, which affects the metabolism of water, salt, potassium, protein and phosphorus; and lead to more fatigue and less energy generation. Thus, the importance of making dietary changes to people with kidney disease.
It’s true that there’s no magic wand to clean your kidney, but the following 8 foods have a comparable effect.

3. Cranberries

source: pixabay.com

Cranberries aren’t just a thanksgiving recipe ingredient, they’re beneficial to kidney and urinary tract health.
These tart small red fruits are laden with vitamin A, C and K, dietary fiber, manganese and proanthocyanidins. The latter has been shown to prevent bacteria from binding itself to the bladder walls.
This 2012 study on the dietary effects of cranberry dietary supplements confirms its use for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections.


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