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Top 3 Natural Skin Care and Slimming DIY Remedies


1. Coffee to Nourish Your Skin and Lose Weight

Nature offers you everything you need to nourish your skin among which is coffee.

Coffee beans have potent antioxidant properties which help preserve the youth of your skin by fighting against the various external aggressions and by filtering the free radicals, which explains why it is usually used in cellulite, brightening and anti-aging masks.

The extracts of the coffee cherry tree are crushed and turned into a powder that is used in cosmetics such as face and body scrubs and other exfoliators.

Caffeine is the most popular slimming ingredient and most commonly used in slimming creams and gels.

Why? It increases the energy consumption of our cells, which require more food to function and burn more fat. However, without being a panacea, as part of a balanced diet, regular physical exercises and massages, it is an effective ally to your crusade against cellulite.

In addition to its role as a fat burner, it activates the microcirculation, especially in the area around the eyes. By toning the small cutaneous vessels, it helps get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

2. Tea to Get Rid of Radicals Inside Your Skin and Slim

First and foremost, we should remind you that the tea tree is a member of the Camellia sinensis family which is native to China, Burma, India, Thailand and Japan. The tea tree is native to Australia and is part of the family Myrtaceae.

Captain James Cook, a British explorer and navigator, used its leaves to replace his favorite drink, which led to confusion. The essential oil of this distant cousin, often called tea tree, is used to treat mycosis, winter pathologies, skin problems and oral infections.

Tea leaves contain at least 400 healthy beneficial components, including caffeine which has energetic and exfoliating effects. They are a unique source of polyphenols, including flavonoids, with amazing antioxidant effects.

Tea also has emotional properties that enhance the moisturizing potential of creams and foundations. Its antioxidant activity gives the skin a firming and effective barrier against free radicals, hence its use in eye creams, anti-aging products, revitalizing serums and body milk.

As an astringent, it effectively heals oily and combination skin. As an antimicrobial, it is found in deodorants and products intended for oral hygiene. All these beneficial effects are due to its caffeine content which makes it a valuable supplement in slimming creams and gels.

3. Cocoa to Maintain Your Skin and Fight Against Aging

When you are using cocoa, most notably cocoa butter, as a cosmetic, there is no need to resist its temptation. In fact, the butter extracted from cocoa beans is a reliable source of fatty acids, which retain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

It also helps get rid of dry hair by nourishing the hair fibers. The polyphenols and vitamin E present in cocoa make it one of the most powerful antioxidant substances.

The cocoa thus protects the skin from free radicals that accelerate its aging and can be used as an exfoliator if you turn it into a powder.

Paradoxically, cocoa butter has slimming agents. In fact, it contains caffeine and theobromine, two lipolytic agents that help control fat cells. It is because of its nourishing properties that cocoa butter is found in lipsticks, balms, mascaras, body scrubs, face creams, foot and hand care as well as shampoos and conditioners for dry hair.