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Banana Peels and its benefits

4. Improves skin quality

Did you know that banana peels contain a lot of antioxidants that are great for your skin? It minimizes the unwanted lines and wrinkles on our skin. Rub a banana peel directly on the affected areas and leave the sticky residue for about thirty minutes before washing your face.

For overall moisturizing, mash the peel to make a paste, blend in one egg yolk, and scatter the mixture fairly onto your face and neck. Allow to remain on your face for five minutes and then rinse it off. The same procedure is also suitable for psoriasis, eczema, and pimples.

5. Good night sleep

Are you having a difficult time dozing at night? Do you want to sleep better than before? Well, say no more! Banana peels have the right amount of Tryptophan a natural chemical that supports the quality of sleep and Serotonin a feel-good chemical that helps you relax at night. So, grab a banana peel before going to bed to ensure uninterrupted and productive sleep at night and make your mood even all day long. Yes, you may feel anxious by the idea of eating the peel, but then again, you can always scrape the inside or add the skin to a smoothie to help you eat or drink the medicine.Continue Article Next Page