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Banana Peels and its benefits

It is known that bananas are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals to protect your body from any sickness and helps your skin clear and smooth. Here are the lists of the vitamins and minerals stored in bananas: Protein, fiber, vitamins A, B6, and C, potassium, manganese, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. Bananas are also perfectly portioned for easy to grab-and-go food. They are delicious on their own, but well augmented with cereal, fruit salad, and even ice cream.

We may discuss earlier the benefits of the banana fruit, but are you aware that its peel has the same number of benefits as the fruit? Yes, you heard it right, the banana peels are edible and can provide a whole assortment of added health benefits. It turns out, people who use banana peels can improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and heal common skin problems.

You don’t have to fret about eating or applying the banana peel to see the benefits. One potential application will do no hard to your body at all. One thing is for sure – you will never throw those banana peels again. One of the best benefits it can give is to have a good night sleep. And that is what we all wanted.

Here are some of the advantages you can achieve with banana peels.

5Good night sleep

Are you having a difficult time dozing at night? Do you want to sleep better than before? Well, say no more! Banana peels have the right amount of Tryptophan a natural chemical that supports the quality of sleep and Serotonin a feel-good chemical that helps you relax at night. So, grab a banana peel before going to bed to ensure uninterrupted and productive sleep at night and make your mood even all day long. Yes, you may feel anxious by the idea of eating the peel, but then again, you can always scrape the inside or add the skin to a smoothie to help you eat or drink the medicine.


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